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MegaFon sets speed record for mobile Internet in Sochi

MegaFon sets speed record for mobile Internet in Sochi


February 14, 2014. Sochi. MegaFon, the General Partner of the Olympic Games in Sochi, demonstrated a record speed for mobile Internet. During testing held today, the latest network standard LTE-Advanced reached a record speed of 271.75 Mbit/s.

One of the test zones of the ultrafast mobile Internet was deployed in the MegaFon pavilion in the Olympic Park. During the Olympic Games, specialists will test the performance of the new technology under high loads typical for these types of events. The test results will subsequently be used in the construction of a new network standard.

LTE-Advanced — is the latest stage of development of fourth-generation networks, which allows you to exchange data at speeds up to 300 Mbit/s. This speed requires less than a minute to download a 1.4 GB movie.

“The world’s first visitors to the Sochi Olympics are able to send and receive photos and videos via smartphones and tablets with support for 4G. During the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, 15% of the audience enjoyed 4G mobile access. By deploying the nation’s largest 4G-network, we have taken a new step forward that demonstrates fantastic new opportunities in mobile data, which will appear in the near future”- said Tigran Poghosyan, Deputy Director General for Strategic Projects of MegaFon.

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