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“SMOTRI+”: the entire Olympics — on the screen of a smartphone or tablet without charges for video traffic

“SMOTRI+”: the entire Olympics — on the screen of a smartphone or tablet without charges for video traffic


January 30, 2014 Moscow. MegaFon and MegaLabs have prepared a special mobile application for sports lovers called “SMOTRI+”. By installing the application on a smartphone or tablet, the user will have access not only to the broadcast of the Olympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi, but also exclusive content. The application “SMOTRI+” is available to subscribers of all operators, and for MegaFon subscribers — video traffic within the framework of the application is tariff-free.

Thanks to the application “SMOTRI +” viewers will have the opportunity at any time to see everything that is happening at the Olympics: all competitions and awards ceremonies. The exclusiveness of the proposal is that between the translations of all 15 sports events, MegaFon will be gathering in one application the brightest and memorable episodes of the Olympic games. Users of the application will be able to review the defining moments of the Games with the help of video logging technology. The technology allows the viewer to not only watch the critical highlight, but to rewind the entire broadcast before and after it. This feature is implemented in cooperation with ANO “Sports Broadcasting” (“Panorama”), which is the official broadcaster of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

“At this modern stage of development of data transmission technology, it is important for MegaFon to not only provide users with the fastest mobile internet, but also offer them interesting and relevant content. And what could be more interesting now than the Olympic Games? “SMOTRI+” — it is the opportunity to watch all of the Olympic competitions, both where it is convenient and when it is convenient: at home and at work, in traffic jams and in a cafe. Thanks to video logging technology, the user can not only follow the Olympics in real time, but also review past events and the brightest moments”- says Andrey Kushnarev, Director of content and media at MegaLabs.

In between sporting events, the application allows for the viewing of the schedule of all broadcasts, see the medal standings, or set a reminder for not-to-be-missed selected broadcasts, for example, the performance of your team. Also, “SMOTRI+” allows users to easily share content in social networks and collect “likes” for the latest news of the Olympic Games. And thanks to the built-in chat function, users can invite their Facebook friends together to watch the competition and share experiences online.

The application “SMOTRI+” will be open for downloading in Google Play and the AppStore beginning on the first day of the Olympic Games. The application is free and is available to subscribers of all operators in their home region and in national roaming (international roaming is available without the opportunity to watch videos). The application can be used through the mobile Internet and via Wi-Fi. For MegaFon subscribers, video traffic within the application is free, while subscribers of other mobile operators will be charged for the traffic according to their tariff plans.

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