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MegaFon and Yota Announce Signing of Agreement on Joint LTE Development

MegaFon and Yota Announce Signing of Agreement on Joint LTE Development


MegaFon and Yota signed Agreement on joint development of LTE(Long Term Evolution) mobile communication networks in Russia based on MVNO business-model (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

According to the Agreement MegaFon will have an opportunity to provide LTE communication services through Yota’s equipment and Yota will be able to use MegaFon’s network infrastructure. Main task of this alliance is to give access to new technologies and service to customers, to make them more available and attractive through increased efficiency of capital expenditures on deployment of LTE networks and reduction of operating costs. MVNO licenses wcich are required for the implementation of the project were obtained by MegaFon and Yota on February 17, 2012. «Cooperation of MegaFon and Yota is an excellent example of partnership of two high-tech companies which will provide an opportunity to use LTE communication to our customers in the near future LTE», says Sergey Soldatenkov, CEO of MegaFon.

«Signing of the agreement between the two companies will help to speed up a country-wide expansion of LTE-networks in Russia, more people will be able to take advantage of the innovative mobile communication technology», adds Denis Sverdlov, Director of Yota,.

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